Varshochi group was established in 1943, Under the trade name of VARSHOCHI BROTHERS industrial co, the company was one of the first factories' to produce SAMAVAR (tea maker) in IRAN In 1969 Company opened a new facility In Industrial city of Alborz, making them the first producer of Non stick cookware in the middle east, under the trade name of ALUMEX, After 1979 the name was changed to TAVA manufacturing and Industrial Company, VARSHOCHI METALS Located in the in BAZZAR area cover's the need of manufacture's, they supply copper and aluminum and steel and other verity of metals in iRAN, With over 43 years experience in the metals industry is ready to serve you. Supply and distribution types: Types of rice paper Soft-top aluminum ingots 99. 7 Sheet steel Aluminum and galvanized sheet Copper, brass and other metals, colored Various sheets of black oil, white and colored ribbed Types of aluminum ingots Varshochi was the owner of LIMAK Industrial coating manufacture of LIMALON brand in Iran for over ten years with partnership with Mr. Reza arbabzadeh witch was one of the partners of corsel brand in iran VARSHOCHI TRADING was established also in 1975 and covered mostly raw materials to be imported to IRAN, Varshochi Trading is the sol Agent of WHITFORD Coatings in IRAN, whitford is the manuafacturer of the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings. Name recognition and consequent quality perceptions are an integral part of any marketing program be it local or, as Whitford's program is, worldwide. We currently use 40 trademarks around the world. To protect the marks described below we have registered them or have applied to register them in over forty countries. Varshochi Trading is Deko SRL manufacture of non stick coating distributor in iran and is working closely to cover all need in this filed for iranian market Varshochi Trading is also the owner of Limalon Brand witch is importer of non stick coating and exterior paint for cookware and home appliances , Varshochi Trading is commercial industry leader in importing glass lid's, handle's and paint etc for the cookware and home appliance's factories in IRAN